This Thanksgiving season, with restrictions varying from state to state, you may find yourself celebrating this wonderful holiday in ways that leave you less than thankful.

Whatever you do, don’t let this temporary virus ruin your festivities. Instead, make it a Thanksgiving everyone will remember, for all the right reasons.

First, for everyone coming over, prepare a special card and tell them why you are thankful that they are there. It could be a special memory you have of them or maybe something about them that makes them a joy to you.

Second, make the dinnertime conversation lively by playing a fun game—Two Truths and a Lie, 20 Questions, the Telephone Game—and have a small prize ready for whoever wins a round.

Third, if you’re watching football, get some team colors up. Maybe eat dessert in front of the TV. Or, if you’re really ambitious, find trivia questions related to the teams playing (the Lions and Cowboys always host on Thanksgiving) and ask them during timeouts and halftime.

You can make this Thanksgiving fun and memorable with just a little planning. Make it a day everyone will be extra thankful for!